The Legend of KollerCraft
For those of you who don't know Dennis Koller, Let me introduce you to him.  He was one of the "Founding Fathers" of the Sky Ranch Flyers.

His small hobby shop, "KollerCraft" was located in Little Koller, Wisconsin.  The shop was always head-to-toe with dust as he was constantly building Radio controlled aircraft.  His most noteworthy aircraft was the Accura, but he also built other designs, such as the "Sky Screw, the "Something Extra" and the Pace Setter.

Dennis was one of the Pioneers of the Gas Powered RC aircraft, commonly modifying weed wacker engines.

His planes were built tuff - and heavy.

Interested in something?  Contact Bob Schmidt or Dennis Snow.
Here are the items you can get today !
Accura 60/90 - this is the original rubber band wing held version -
has  4 stroke engine, and 72Mhz receiver
Two Pace Setters - BIG planes, Gas Engines - 72Mhz receivers
A Little Extra!  And this is one BIG PLANE !!
KollerCraft Balancers, gliders and one plane ready to build to electric