Welcome to the Sky Ranch Flyers Radio Controlled Club! 
The Sky Ranch Flyers club is a "not-for profit" radio-controlled model club, formed in 1989,
to promote the sport and hobby of flying R/C airplanes & helicopters, and R\C Track racing!

The home of the Sky Ranch Flyers is located six miles west of West Bend on Highway D.

We are chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics,
Chapter VII #2883.  Our club offers the following:
•   A casual flying environment to fly Gas, Glow and 

•   Experienced builders and R/C pilots.

•   Large open flying site with a shelter, work tables,
     ample parking, and electricity.

•   Events which the entire family can enjoy.

•   Training, so your first flight does not end up in a crash.
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Pictures by Scott Nelson
From the President:
Welcome to Spring in Wisconsin!  Windy and coldish!!  

Just a few quick things:

The field is drying out nicely but please try to keep of the grass with your cars for a few more weeks. 
We have enough ruts to fix already and we don’t need anymore!

If you have paid your 2019 dues - THANK YOU!   If not please jump on the website and you can do it all online!  Dues are due!!

We still need grass cutters!  Please let me or Tom Blackstone know if you can help cut the grass - Long grass sucks to fly off of!!

The field has been rolled and is nice and flat.

Please make sure you add the Spring Cleanup to your calendar, we will be having it on Saturday April 20th,  starting at 9am with a short meeting then cleanup and we will have a lunch!


Bob Schmidt
Whether you fly Scale, Warbirds, Sport, Gliders, Trainers,
Drones, Ready to Fly or Foamies ..

Whether you're Glow, Gas or Electric ...

Whether you're new to the fun of RC flying, getting
back into the hobby, or a long time flyer looking for
a great,  casual place to fly

The Sky Ranch Flyers of West Bend, Wisconsin is your
your place to fly.

Our goal is to get you in the air as FAST as possible
and ENJOY the art of flying RC.

Saturday April 20th,  starting at 9am with a short meeting then cleanup and we will have a lunch

• Install big windsock
• Redo safety fences
• Fix the shingles on the garage roof
• Pick up the tree branches will need pole saw, rakes, and a dump trailer - (which Bob Schmidt has but would need to be
            picked up) - LOTS of branches to be picked up so we will need bodies!
• Typical cleanup items
• We need to paint the white trim, but that is project for warmer weather
Spring Cleanup - April 20, 2019
Come and Visit us at the West Bend Farmers Market, June 15, 2019
The Sky Ranch Flyers will be at the West Bend Farmers Market on Saturday, June 15th.  Come and visit them, learn about the latest in RC technologies and the upcoming Sky Ranch Flyers Radio Controlled Air Show!
What do you do in March in Wisconsin when the weather is nice? 

Go Flying! 

President Bob Schmidt sent us this
Pic from the frozen tundra of the
Sky Ranch Flyers RC Field.
EAA 1158 And the Sky Ranch Flyers
The Sky Ranch Flyers and the EAA 1158 Chapter of West Bend, WI have had a long standing relationship of educating the public on the world of flight, whether it be RC or climbing into a real Cessna 172!  The tradition continues on.

On May 18, 2019, the Sky Ranch Flyers will be at the EAA 1158 Chapter headquarters, located at the West Bend Airport to participate in the "Young Eagles Rally." While you are waiting to take flight, we'll have a flight simulator and some RC airplanes for you to check out!
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