Contests Start at 3:00pm and prizes given!

Timed flight:
Without outside help or a timer on the radio, take off and fly around. After a given period of time (3 or 4 minutes -
judge will decide at time of flight) come in to land. The closest time to wheels touchdown (without going over) is the
winner. Propeller must still be spinning after the landing to count.

$25 Cash prize to winner.

Timed loops:
This one is great for the beginners as it is started and finished in flight so no rushing to takeoff. Fly straight and level
and then when the stop watch is started, do as many loops as you can in one minute. The most loops win.

$25 cash prize to winner.

Touch and go on the lines:
This one was great last year, so we are bringing it back again.  Three lines will be painted on the field, 15 feet apart. 
Timer starts when plane takes off. Three attempts to touch and go as close to the middle line as possible. After the
three tries, and the plane lands (with propeller spinning), timer stops - score is counted.

- Touching on the middle line is worth 15 points,
- Touching down between either outside line and the center line is 3 points
- Touching down outside the outer lines is 1 point.

Highest score wins - Ties are broken by shortest time
$25 cash prize to winner.

Circle Start & Landing - 21 Style!
This contest is a combination of flying and playing the card game 21. 

- Pilot readies plane (starts motor if gas\nitro)
- Timer starts. 
- Pilot approaches card table and notices the dealers cards show18 - you must play 21 until you beat the Judge. 
- Then, from designated starting point, plane enters circle painted on field. 
- Takes off. 
- Pilot does one loop, one roll, then lands and return to circle. 

Shortest time wins.
$25 cash prize.

And for you “Car guys” - Dice and Drive:
This event take place on the field.

- Driver readies car and places it designated circle on field.
- Timer Starts
- Rolls a 6 with the dice to start race
- Drives one lap around pylons in the field and returns and stops in the designated circle on the field.
- Reverses course, completing 2nd lap and returning to designated circle on the field.
- Reverses course, completing 3rd lap and returns to designated circle on the field.

Shortest time wins.
$25 cash prize to the winner.
Announcing the Sky Ranch Flyers Prop Roast 2017 !
Our annual Corn Roast \ Prop Roast is on Saturday, August 26th!
Family, Friends and Neighbors are invited to attend, free of charge.

We will start cooking around 1pm and eat the rest of the day!

Contests start at 3:00pm.

As night time arrives, the bonfire will start, and pilots will tell their stories of woe as they burn the remnants of shattered and broken planes.

If you are planning on attending, please contact
Tom Blackstone with a head count.

Please bring a dish to pass.  The club will provide corn, brats, hotdogs and burgers (buns, etc.) Soda and Water.