Welcome to the Sky Ranch Flyers Radio Controlled Club! 
The Sky Ranch Flyers club is a "not-for profit" radio-controlled model club, formed in 1989,
to promote the sport and hobby of flying R/C airplanes & helicopters, and R\C Track racing!

The home of the Sky Ranch Flyers is located six miles west of West Bend on Highway D.

We are chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics,
Chapter VII #2883.  Our club offers the following:
•   A casual flying environment to fly Gas, Glow and 

•   Experienced builders and R/C pilots.

•   Large open flying site with a shelter, work tables,
     ample parking, and electricity.
•   Events which the entire family can enjoy.

•   Training, so your first flight does not end up in a crash.
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Sky Ranch Flyers visit the West Bend Library!
Club members Bob Schmidt,
Dennis Snow, Guilhem Domenget
and Tom Blackstone visited the West Bend Library on May 4th. 

As Tom told stories of club members crashing ariplanes, Bob and Dennis got setup outside for an Drone Flight.

Click on the picture for more photos and the in-flight Drone video!
Sky Ranch  - WITI Channel 6 News!
The Sky Ranch Flyers were featured on a live broadcast on Monday the August 29, 2016 from 7:00am -10:00am.  Click here for a link to the Fox News Report!
From Left:  Dennis Snow, Helmut Schmidtke and Bob Schmidt
Meet Helmut Schmidtke:
Meet our new Pilot and Club Member Helmut Schmidtke.  Helmut travels to us from Racine Wisconsin, and really enjoys being part of the club. 

Helmut has an interesting ability in that he cannot hear, and has been deaf since birth.  Helmut has taught himself Radio Control and has been working with Dennis Snow (left) on "Mastering" his flight techinques.  To communicate during flight, Dennis and Helmut have developed a way to communicate by touching Helmut's back. 
Sliding up means go higher, sliding down to go lower, and of course left and right.

Vicki, Helmut's wife, has been teaching the guys Sign Language at the field, and of course started us out with the most important sign of all ...beer !
Pictures by Scott Nelson
Club Member Ed Lachendro Sent this to the members saying " Somethings just stand out and I thought of you BOB (our President) so we had to post it!
From the Drone of Amy Elliott:
Amy Elliott took some great videos of the 2017 Airshow at the Sky Ranch Flyers show. 
You can find more videos by clicking here  This Video gives you a good look at the Sky Ranch Flyers grounds.
Sky Ranch  - WDJT Channel 58 News! - Passion runs high for Sky Ranch Flyer Members
The Sky Ranch Flyers were featured on a live broadcast on Tuesday July 25, 2017,early morning, discussing how the hobby has changed over the years! They flew FPV (First Person View), Quads and Electrics. 

The stars of the show were our own Bob Schmidt, President of the club, and Amy Eillott, expert Drone Pilot.
From the President:
I would like to introduce Sky Ranch Flyers' newest members !

Charlie Guttenberg
Brian Gajafsky
Evan Beekman
Mike Stopar

Welcome to the club!  I would like to thank you all for joining our club!  You will find out that
we are here to help you as needed.  The goal of the club have lots of fun flying and racing
(but doing it safely!)    

Remember it's not about the plane you fly but the friends you make!!!
From the Drone of Scott Nelson:
Live to Fly.  Fly to Live."